Starting Point

SmashedCompass is finding that secret cove, stumbling across a hidden night market or discovering an unexpected view through the trees. Trying to see everything with fresh eyes and absorbing every moment – allowing yourself to live in the present.

Every week expect stories about disastrous journeys, new friends, suspicious food, beautiful places, awkward social exchanges and being on the road. I’d love to hear your experiences too, so get in touch (hit the ‘About Me’ button above). I also love a good book and watching movies, so feel free to recommend any you’ve enjoyed!
Being lost has never been so much fun!


A little about me:
If I could be anywhere it’d be the coast. Give me rocky coves, big waves, sandy shores or the quintessential seaside resort – I love them all. Asides from my fascination with all things nautical, I am addicted to backpacking and meeting new faces. I’m afraid I’m one of those irritating people who strike up conversation with you when you’re sitting on a train. I always throw myself at adventure/water sports when I’m away, and I never tell my family anything until I’m home and alive enough to recount my tales. I’ve had my fair share of dodgy bus rides and deadly animal encounters. My proudest moment was leading my fundraising team to Machu Picchu last year having raising £50,000 for the wonderful charity Dig Deep Africa, and watching the sunrise over the glorious Inca ruins with our bodies steaming.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Looking forward to reading about all your adventures!


    1. I love your pictures! Street art is a great way to see the local flavours of a place. Where’s next for you?


      1. Santiago has definitely opened my eyes to beautiful street art! i agree, the art of a city teaches you a lot about its culture! I am still working things out this side but think my next adventure might be to South-Africa!


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