I have some exciting news! I’ve just completed my first month writing for Global Vision International (GVI).

I’m participating in their writing academy which spans four months, covering brand, SEO insight, travel writing and freelance work.

GVI is an organisation whose values chime with my own. Their projects centre around sustainable development and they offer volunteering programmes in wildlife conservation, women’s empowerment and teaching English.

Working directly with their editor, I’m learning how to write for a brand without smothering my own voice. She has introduced me to the wonders of Google Classroom, and I’ve learnt how to tackle difficult topics while maintaining a positive and upbeat tone.

I’m yet to master the art of pitching an idea, since I gave away the ‘golden egg’ idea without realising the publication could then go on to run the article without me!

I think the most difficult aspect is writing with American spelling, though. The word ‘skeptical’ nearly broke me.

My first article on their blog is now available online: Five Things All Volunteers Should Know Before Visiting Costa Rica.

I will keep you posted on new content as it pops up. With any luck, the SEO training might help me with this blog too!

If you’ve ever volunteered or worked with GVI, let me hear about your experience!



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