Classroom Curiosities XXIII

Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers out there! This edition brings you an uncomfortable explanation, a journey into Space and the tooth fairy gone AWOL.

A family day out
My primary classes were writing personal recounts about a family excursion. Most children chose days out at the beach, or a fun trip abroad. One of my eight year old students raised her hand and asked, “How do you spell sacrifice?” It turns out she had sacrificed a goat with her family at the temple the previous week. While the other kids asked about irregular past tense verbs such as, bought, climbed, and dug, she wanted to know how to spell killed. It was an interesting discussion to have with the class.

Imaginative similes

One of my students was absent this week in a small class of three. The boys were wondering where she might be. “She could be sick. Or maybe on holiday…Well, she’s too young to go to the moon.”

London’s iconic landmarks

Mount Everest – a walk in the park apparently20180817_165154-e1535440621321.jpg

Feminism has a long way to go
20180828_143951 (1)

Put some clothes on
We had a picture sequence for the children to shape their narrative. The story was about a young boy running indoors and slipping over a puddle as his mother was mopping. Before we started writing, we discussed the plot, characters and moral ending together. One child nearly made me snort when he said, “When the boy fell and hit his head, his mum streaked.” He meant to say shrieked.

Makes sense

Holiday homework 😦20180828_144027

The tooth fairy
Every week, one of my students loses one of their front teeth through frantic wiggling. I asked one boy if the tooth fairy had visited. He replied, “No. Actually, I just put it in a zip lock bag.” I had no further questions.

Here is a selection of gifts from my lovely students. The last one is as bizarre as it is heartbreaking, though.


20180831_104831.jpgIf you have received any strange gifts as a teacher, I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time.


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