Classroom Curiosities XXII

This week I bring you a cheese fanatic, a Lego lover and an inappropriate question:

Teaching English can be tough. You teach a class a grammar rule, then have to explain the exceptions when the students counter with irregular examples (of which there are many). For instance, after teaching that manner adverbs follow verbs and usually end in -ly, one child had a lightbulb moment. It’s wonderful to see recognition spread across their faces. “I ran fastly. The friendly girl. The lovely puppy.” I smiled and said, “Almost – I ran quickly. The friendly girl is smiling cheerfully. The puppy barks loudly.” Only four more types of adverbs to teach them.

Wishful thinking
No, that isn’t Camembert…20180812_175528.jpg

Fashion advice
A fortnight ago, one of my students made me laugh as we were blending the word b-r-u-sh. She suggested, with the straight face that only children or savage truthers have, that I needed to comb my hair. I went along with it, and asked the class what else I should do. The answers included wearing bracelets, a princess crown, a pink dress, animal socks and huge hair clips. The next lesson, I disappointed my new advisers by wearing my usual floral top and green chinos. I was surprised that they remembered, so I upped my game for this week. I wore a patterned red floral dress but my critics were harsh about my trusted black cardigan. “I never asked you to wear a jacket.” What have I done?

So much fun
Lego should be shouting this review from the rooftops.20180812_174432

Cruel twist
Just when the students are feeling confident with their indefinite articles, the English language has to throw a spanner in the works. Mwahaha – it’s vowel sounds now!20180810_160653

One of my students has a muffled lisp. During the spelling test, she asked, “Does teacher have ass in the back?” It took me a moment to realise she wanted to know if the word teacher was plural or singular.

As ever, comment below to share your own teaching stories. Until next time!


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