WordPress : Pages and Themes

I’ve been on WordPress for five years now, and I was faithful to the Twenty Ten theme until a few weeks ago.

I had always found the Pages infuriating- tagging my content or sorting it into Categories didn’t magically sort my posts into the right pages. Instead, I was left to arduously copy my content across and edit the pages by hand, which was time-consuming and looked messy.

I consulted the WPBeginner forums and watched the online tutorials, but nothing worked.

So I did something drastic.

I deleted all my pages (not my posts!) and started again. I followed the simple instructions here and set up my pages to be categories, rather than traditional pages. This way, I didn’t need to keep copying my content to the individual pages and risk losing the formatting.

To do this, go to WPAdmin>>Appearance>>Menus.wp7.PNG

The next step is scary. Delete the pages (N.B. you cannot delete the homepage). I have kept the default setting of having all my most recent posts appear on my homepage in chronological order. 

I also kept the About Me page as I don’t need updated posts to be featured there.

Finally, click on the Categories tab on the left and add items to the Menu. This will restore your pages and then add content based on the categories. In other words, these menus will behave as your new pages and automatically sort your posts when you attribute them to a particular category. wp8

You may need to edit some posts to reflect your new Category Menu titles by clicking Edit>>Post Settings>>Categories&Tags. If your categories and menu titles are not matching, your posts will not show up on that particular page.

The joy of having all your posts pop up in the correct pages is worth the cost of having the heading appear at the top of each page I think:wp9.PNG

I changed my theme to the free Dyad 2 which is in the wide, modern format. It is more visual than the text-driven Twenty Ten, and allows me to insert larger images into more exciting formats for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

The best thing about this design is the attractive ‘Read more’ button that follows each excerpt and entices my viewers to click.wp6.PNG

The layout on the website is beautiful, with a static featured image photo on the left and the main piece scrolling on the right. This theme uses images in a more impactful way than having a photo fixed at the top and embedded into the post itself.wp5.PNG

The only downside of my new Dyad 2 compared to my old Twenty Ten theme is that I have lost my sidebar of widgets. These are now located in the footer area, and to make my favourite widgets accessible (Search bar, Top Posts, Follow button, YouTube link, Blogs followed), I had to turn off the ‘infinite scroll’ button found in the Settings>>Writing space.wp3.PNG

I also capped the number of posts on each page to be 10 so that I could show off some content whilst making the footer still in reach of a reasonable scroll. wp2

I hope this post was useful! Let me know which theme you are using and how you sort your posts in the comments below.

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