Classroom Curiosities XXI

It’s National Day here in Singapore, so to celebrate, here is the latest round-up from my students:

Fairytale felons
Those three little pigs need to recycle:

Wolf whistle
If catcalling actually worked:

Put your phones down
A poignant reminder to be in the present:20180808_171735.jpg

Brightening my doorway
One of my students drew this candle for me so I hung it proudly on our door.20180804_1317021.jpg

Animal idioms
These are not quite right…20180808_171933.jpg20180808_171931.jpg

Population swell
My class were writing a narrative and in the planning phase, they were given the vocabulary phrase ‘bleeding profusely’. One girl pronounced it as ‘breeding profusely’ which means something slightly different.

Hollywood’s hairy secret20180805_211200

“Every adventure requires a first step.” – The Cheshire Cat
One of my students is moving to Shanghai and gave me this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland book bag. In return, I gave him a tailored Grammar Guide. Poor kid.


Happy 53rd birthday Singapore!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love these! The mistakes are so innocent and funny! Happy Singapore Day! 🇸🇬


    1. Thanks! Off to celebrate now. The children have been singing the anthems all week so I know the words now 😊


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