Reading into my Readers

I was curious about who was visiting my site, so I took a look at my Stats and Insights. There, I found some illuminating facts about you, my dear readers.

My top post is about some massages I had back in 2013.


Then, for better or for worse, I delved into the Google searches that were leading people my way.

I like to think that I helped this person out of an awkward situation with Thai Massage vs. Laos Massage


I potentially saved a life with this post How I Nearly Died in Australia


This one has me worried about Larry who used to frequent our shower, featured in Singapore, City of Colour


The next search took them to my feminist reading Speechless: The Little Mermaid Losing her Tongue, but I don’t recollect this part:


Embarrassingly, I could cater for the following one here in A Curiously Fat Foot


But I’m not sure where this search led them:


I’ve not gained this bragging right but it took someone to my site, albeit in a paradoxical way, Antisocial


Some more useful information for wildlife encounters here in Never Tease a Monkey with a Peanut


Errrm, was this what you were looking for? How to Eat a Scorpion


Not sure I gave advice about this exactly. Sorry if it took you here instead, All the Single Ladies


Some amusing words which landed them at my Unexpected Indian Massage post


Finally, I must again thank my avid readers who arrived at my site for my coveted Thai Massage vs. Laos Massage. Who am I to bemoan that 80% of my traffic involves the following searches:


After the photo request I was dreading translating the last one…happily it means Laos massage in Korean. Phew.

Perhaps I should just start sampling massages everywhere and give into peer pressure.

Thanks everyone!

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