Observations Learning Spanish

Over the past six months, I have noted down the interesting phrases and words I have encountered. Here are some of them, including my first joke in Spanish:

  • Esmoquin a Tuxedo. You look smokin’!
  • No lo trago I don’t buy it / believe it. Literally: I don’t swallow it.
  • Una discusión an argument. This one could cause problems in the workplace.
  • Me habia quedado sin arroz. I have no rice. Literally: I have been left here without rice. So dramatic.
  • Piel – skin. Who forgot the sunblock?
  • Sonrisa – smile. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
  • Amanacersunrise. Less romantic. This sounds like, “A man is here.”
  • Éxito – success. Not exit, which is salir.
  • Actualmente – currently. Not actually. You can use de hecho – in fact. 
  • Techoceiling. This one reminds me of when the DJ screams, “Let’s raise the roof!”
  • Vecinoneighbour. They are in the vicinity of our house.
  • Presupuesto – budget. A presupposed amount of money.
  • Testigos witnesses. According to this forum, this word is historically related to testicles thanks to the Roman’s methods of lie detection.

¿Qué es el vino favorito de los introvertidos?
Nadie vino.

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