Ant’s Eye View

Join this journey through MacRitchie Nature Trail from an ant’s perspective:


We begin by scaling the boardwalk and marching across the wooden rails. A tiny but perfectly formed flower hangs suspended in the air as if by magic.


A chorus begins around us to accompany our footsteps. What is that deafening sound?


A beautiful emerald cicada, dusted in gold, remains silent as we approach. Another calls nearby, and he eyes us keenly before responding.

We move into the undergrowth where hollow damp bark hides secrets in dark shadows.

Feathery, dusky fungi sprouts from the wood. Something rustles the dead leaves, then stops.


A red paradise tree snake sunbathes on the boardwalk. We shuffle away noiselessly.

There is sudden movement above us so we look upwards.


A spider, her web invisible but for the zigzag pattern around her, darts towards us. We scurry to the safety of a nearby felled tree.

An army of ants parade between tall spikes back to the safety of the nest.


One of the soldiers pauses to check us out. We continue and spot a small hole in the trunk of a tree. What is hiding inside?


We move on quickly and leave the millipede, who in his hungry state might fancy us for his dinner. The path clears and daylight penetrates to the jungle floor.

We spot an armoured ladybird beetle hiding underneath a leaf. A burst of colour from a beheaded flower lights up another leaf that is cut like the facade of an Indian temple.

A squeal pierces the air.


A caterpillar writhes as he struggles to clamber up the barely discernible silk thread he has spun.

A thudding sound rumbles the earth as something significant hits the ground. A spiky durian fruit explodes to reveal its pungent yellow flesh. A slender insect with striped legs and wearing white boots investigates.

We stop for a nibble on a leaf until the shady silhouette of a predator twitches in anticipation of its own meal.

We pass the bamboo forest that looms into the canopy. Some are delicate like the pincers of a crab leading to a tender stem, yet not all plants are inviting.

The sound of beating wings hums nearby. A cluster of dragonflies zip between the scarlet damselflies who join their aerial formation. One rests temporarily on the bark of their favourite ashen bark tree.


Not far away, the elegant reeds provide the perfect resting spot over the mottled turquoise water.

New life springs from buds and unfurls itself between the towering tropical ferns.

I hope you enjoyed this macro tour of the jungle. If you are able to identify any of the plants or insects shown in these images, please get in touch using the comments below.

All photos were taken using a macro lens attachment (available from Typo for less than S$10). My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6 model. None of these pictures have been edited.





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