Classroom Curiosities X

Contrary to public opinion, I haven’t included a kiss in the title. I’ve been counting this series with Roman numerals for no good reason other than I’d quite like to see if I can.

This week’s episode of things overheard in the classroom:

Next big thing
The word ‘author’ came up, so I asked the children what an author does. One student knew they wrote books, but none could name an example (asides from one girl that believed Harry Potter wrote a lengthy autobiography).

I asked the class, “If you could read a book about anything, what would you choose?” Some children answered unicorns, one boy wanted to know how to prepare for Christmas, and inspired by this, his neighbour suggested, “Santa being chased by Big Foot.” Now that I would read!

Table manners

Ball games
I like to inject some drama into my phonics class by introducing a soft toy ball to throw around. The children get to practice their motor skills along with their sounds. Teaching children to catch and keep their eyes open is almost as much fun as getting them to wink.

One child got rather carried away and launched it overarm at me, and amazingly I caught it (despite teaching them how to catch, I do seem to drop the ball a fair bit). I was known thereafter as the “Catching Queen.”

Recycling fairies20180328_103427

When I grow up…
I had not asked my lower primary class about their aspirations for the future, so I decided to give them a brief platform to share their ideas. Many of the children wanted to be teachers one day, some aspired to be scientists and one boy said he wanted to be a computer. Never say never, kid.

Quack advice20180328_112140

We covered the vowel sound /ɜː/ in class (that’s /er/, /ur/ or /ir/ to most of us). We discussed which animals have fur and agreed (after a considerable talk) that Teacher Lindsey definitely does not have fur, but does occasionally have ‘curvy hair.’

One girl announced that she goes to church to see “Christ. Jesus Christ,” which is exactly how he would introduce himself , or maybe “00-heaven…”

We also covered worms and how one boy enjoyed eating them when he was younger, mistaking them for French fries.

Do you have a gift receipt?20180321_143158

Subliminal messaging
During a reading class this week, one of my more vociferous learners kept interrupting our spelling test, despite the classroom volume-o-metre clearly being in ‘Silent Ninja Mode.’

After I read the word ‘dirt’ he announced, “Soda cleans up dirt easily.” Then, ‘thirsty’ prompted him to say, “If you’re thirsty, drink a soda.” Finally, I said ‘squirted.’ He blurted out, “You can squirt soda from a water gun!” I hope he is earning commission.

Finally, I leave you with my new sign off phrase: I love this new blog post. Don’t you?


As always, I’d love to hear from you. Comment below and feel free to share your funny moments.


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