Goodbye Grandad


We’ll miss your twinkly eyes and trademark floppy hair.
Your inevitable snooze after lunch.
The work ethic that meant you conveniently forgot about being retired.
The impressive community spirit that you built with Barbrooks store and your sporting endeavours.
Reydon is going to miss you immensely.
The meticulous way you arranged the fruit and veg.
Your stealing the show by reversing into a bollard at a family wedding.
The beach hut trips and drinking hot chocolate sitting in deckchairs until there were just shadows on the promenade.
The serious way you would consider your team’s below-par performance at the bowls green, and your patience teaching us to play.
The stories from your cricket days where you hit centuries for Southwold.
The uncanny resemblance of Syd to the younger you.
The civilised games of croquet in the garden, and the less-civilised treasure hunts and N64 bouts at your house.
The pride you took in showing us those scary-looking Toby jugs.
Your famous chicken broccoli pasta which had half grapes thrown in for good measure.
Your optimism and the fact you were the last person in Suffolk to lock his car.
Your constant smile that made everyone feel special.
The love you and Nana Anita shared, and the close and extended family that came together often.
The football, hockey and cricket games you would watch to cheer on your grandchildren, despite the weather.
Your overwhelming kindness and generosity, even if it meant driving all the way back to Halesworth Toy Shop!

And most of all, welcoming us into your family. What a privilege to have called you Grandad for the past twenty years.


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