Here’s some gnarly phrases you can use to sound like a local:

Goon – very cheap wine that is available in squishy foil bags. Warning: may contain fish or eggs.
Grog – a term meaning alcohol.
Pot / schooner – half pint-sized drink.
Ripper / bonza – local sign of approval.
Chook – a chicken, and ordering parma chook means you’ll be served with chicken coated in breadcrumbs, ham and melted cheese.
Doona – bed sheets.
U-eys – a common driving practice of performing U-turns wherever possible.
Utes – a type of van that everyone owns.
Vegemite – a despicable version of the disgusting Marmite, which can be found in the ‘Gourmet Food’ section of a supermarket.


Here’s some interesting facts* to impress your mates in the next pub quiz:

  • The Aussie coat of arms features a kangaroo and emu because they cannot physically go backwards – onwards and upwards!
  • Male echidnas (spiky anteaters) are well known for being, ahem, rather well-endowed.
  • Kangaroos are named due to a European misinterpreting an Aboriginal saying ‘I don’t understand.’
  • Koala means ‘without water’, because their diet consists of eucalyptus leaves only.P1010397
  • *Not all facts may be 100% verifiable and the author does not take responsibility for any incorrect pub quiz answers.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. B says:

    Nothing about drop bears?


    1. They are too terrifying to mention, even outside of Australia…I heard they can only detect the blood of tourists!


      1. B says:

        Nah, that’s an old wives’ tale. They can get anyone who’s uninformed about their habits. Just happens mostly to be tourists.


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