City of colour

Here’s a collection of shots from the last fortnight:

Flower ‘mala’ necklaces in Little India


Rainbow shutters on the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, Clarke Quay


Grapefruit, watermelon and green tea breakfast


Traditional architecture near Chinatown


Sunset at Sentosa Island beach


Two hungry chicks waiting to be fed


Park Royal Tower, with 15,000 sq meters of green space


Larry, the pink gecko who lives in our bathroom


First taste of mangosteen



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Gator Woman says:

    What a great journey you are on, please enjoy it for me as well?
    Love your pictures, especially the gecko~


    1. Thanks Gator woman! The geckos are everywhere but deceptively fast & difficult to photograph! Out of immense curiosity, how did you get your nickname?


  2. Gator Woman says:

    How this Blog got its name is a fairly long, not especially interesting story, that has been asked quite frequently, so I finally put a reply up here:
    Please DO NOT think the title of the page reflects my feelings toward you or any of my followers~
    And BTW, my name is Donna.
    The name “Gator Woman” was originally for a small, free web site that I made for my Mother in 2000 because she loved the UF Gators and wore shoes with a little Gator on them~
    After we moved down here permanently, I bought the domain name and greatly expanded on the version of the little one I had made for her years ago:


    1. Thanks for the link & sounds like you had a lucky escape in your first encounter. That seems to be the theme of today – I’ve just posted a blog about holding a deadly creature in Australia!


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